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Musicbed: Evolve’s Lighthearted, Danger-Ridden Approach to Filmmaking

It’s their love for each other as brothers, their respect for the people they work with and for, and their childlike enthusiasm for the craft that makes them unlike any other studio we’ve talked to.

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A Deep Dive Into the Underwater Cinematography of Evolve

To Those Who Doubt is a short film shot in ultra slow-motion and set almost entirely underwater. A passion project by the talented team at Evolve, it contains some of the most striking underwater footage we’ve ever seen. Read the full Filmsupply article below.

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Production Company Evolve Wins 5th National Emmy Award

For the fifth time, the creative team at Evolve is recognised by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with a National Emmy Award. Read the full Little Black Book article below.

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