Percy Jackson: A Hero’s Journey | Teaser

A Hero’s Journey: The Making of Percy Jackson and The Olympians
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Being a demigod isn’t easy… and neither is filling the shoes of beloved characters in a massive television series. While embodying characters on a quest, Walker, Leah, and Aryan embark on an epic adventure of their own. Alongside a passionate cast and crew, follow these three young heroes on the set of “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” as they step into worlds fit for gods, battle unforgettable creatures, and perform legendary stunts. Oh, and they still have to go to school. Produced by Evolve Studios, this journey full of challenges and growth uncovers the magic behind-the-Mist.

Featured IMDB Review:

Absolute Masterpiece
This is my favourite documentary ever. Not only was I engaged the whole time but I was learning and grinning. I adore how they’ve done it in order so you get to feel like you’re growing up with the actors/cast too. I prefer this to the show as it really showed me what it was like to experience something so amazing. Rick and the whole crew did an amazing job putting the sets together and the show, so to be able to watch that be built brought me so much joy (Especially seeing the energy and happiness of everyone there). I think my favourite part of it was how we really got to see how the main trio are outside their character as for me that is just as important as who they’re acting as. For anyone who is considering checking this behind the scenes out I would very highly recommend as I’m sure you’ll love every minute of it like I did.