Xeomin x Teyana Taylor

Evolve partnered with Universal Music Group & Xeomin to produce a campaign of brand integration spots with Teyana Taylor & Joe Jonas.

Teyana Taylor has done it all. Actually, she’s doing it all. From the early days of appearing on MTV’s My Sweet Sixteen and choreographing Beyonce’s “Ring The Alarm” video to singing and establishing herself as a style icon, she’s become an inescapable force in entertainment. At 31, the wife and mother of two is looking to enter a new stage in her life; one that focuses on family, her growth as an actress and filmmaker and her expansion as an entrepreneur.

Even as she manages a packed schedule, she’s filled with gratitude. A mindset of thankfulness keeps her balanced.

“I definitely take time out of my day just to give thanks to God for everything that’s come my way,” Taylor tells ESSENCE. “So nothing is ever too overwhelming for me. So I have busy, busy, busy, busy days, but I’m happy for it.”

Always the hustler, she never misses an opportunity to expand her empire. Most recently, Taylor has solidified a brand partnership with Xeomin, which debuts today. Touted as a safer alternative to harsh fillers like Botox, the non-surgical anti-wrinkle injection helps to temporarily alter the appearance of frown lines and has become a staple in her beauty routine.

Taylor reveals she didn’t always have an interest in injectables. But after receiving several recommendations from friends, she decided to do her own investigation. The process allowed her to confront many of the preconceived notions she had about the cosmetic procedure.

“I had never tried it,” she says. “As I started to do more research on it and they really broke it down to me what it was, I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I can use it.’ Because injectables kind of get a bad rep due to the people and their choices as far as getting them.”Read more here:

UMG Creative Team
Bridget Ferris, VP | Brand Partnerships | UMG
Dave Tomlinson, Executive Creative Director | Brand Partnerships | UMG

Production & Post by Evolve Studios
Produced by Rebecca Pheil
Directed by Blaine Hogan
Director of Photography Aaron Seldon
Edited by Seth Evans
Producer Rebecca Pheil
Director of Photography Aaron Seldon
Executive Producers Joel Edwards & Daniel Kiedis
+ Evolve’s Post Team and so many others!


Universal Music Group + Xeomin